A bit about who we are...

Death is a part of life. When a loved one passes we have a choice on how to respond... We chose to take a tragedy and create a loving legacy.


Sam Bevans Has been a social activist since he was 5 when he was made an honorary volunteer at Children’s Hospital, Seattle. At age 17, Sam was a Running Start student at Bellevue College, where he completed college level work in lieu of High School. He is a past winner of the Gussie Reinhardt national award for leadership. Sam’s keen business sense and his passion for social justice adds cohesiveness to the team. In his spare time he enjoys kayaking and swimming in the ocean, farming our organic food forest, as well as researching and applying the best practices in permaculture. Sam believes that the world has an abundance of experiences to offer, so he travels as much as possible. He currently resides on Hawai’i Island.
Elisa Jacobs Graduated Harvard University, cum laude. She has been a guest speaker at Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital, at the home of Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, with Tipper Gore, on NBC-TV and CBS radio. Her passion to help children, who have sustained any type of trauma, recover, using non-invasive therapies, motivates her. She is the owner/ jewelry designer of Heaven Sent Creations, teaches children with neurological impairments and advocates for children whenever possible. A staunch vegan and health advocate, in her spare time she studies quantum physics, neuroscience, travels, kayaks, hikes, gardens, volunteers and loves to learn. Her goal in life? To do as much good on this Earth as possible. She currently resides on Hawai'i Island