Joyful Bliss Cacao Treats
Raw . Organic . Vegan

Joyful Bliss is made with raw, organic, and vegan ingredients on the Big Island of Hawai’i.
The main ingredient is cacao, also known as chocolate.

We use the highest quality raw, organic and vegan ingredients available. 

As much as possible we use locally sourced ingredients and are

currently growing cacao, date and coconut palms in our organic food

Our name “Joyful Bliss” is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Ananda”

meaning, joy, bliss and happiness.

The word "Ananda" is the first part of the name of an ingredient,

“Anandamide” which is found in cacao and known as the "Bliss molecule".

Scientifically documented research has shown that the use of raw, organic

cacao creates a blissful state of ananda.

May your life be filled with Joyful Bliss!
Aloha and Peace Through Love