The Tiffany Project Mission

Our Mission is to accomplish and inspire others to do as much good as possible. By understanding that simple acts of humanity go a long way, we insure our future. It is our job to take care of our planet as well as each other, not only for this generation, but for generations to come. We believe Peace is attainable Through full hearted acts of Love, kindness and compassion. Together we create reality.

The Tiffany Project's Pillars



Research is necessary to obtain the desired outcome. Once a need has been identified, research affords the best and most efficient way to implement change.
The Tiffany Project aspires to always verify and use cutting edge, scientific and empirically proven research to provide timely solutions.



Education is capable of inspiring and empowering anyone to make positive change. Once research is proven viable, it needs to be shared with everyone. By collaborating with others who have a similar vision of “Peace Through Love” we are all able to spread a message of hope. Research has shown that people who work together toward a brighter outcome are consistently happier and more productive.

Social Action


Social Action is for everyone, it has no age limits. The Tiffany Project provides opportunities to support others in creating change within themselves as well as their communities. Whether you chose to create an organic garden, make a progressive diet change, recycle, or live a life reflective of kindness, it all creates a ripple effect that is making and will continue to make a difference.

Ongoing Projects

The Agricultural Wing


Come and get your hands in the dirt! The Tiffany Project offers free workshops on Organic Agriculture! All of the food grown is used to feed the under served.

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The Educational Wing


Developed by Harvard graduate Elisa Jacobs, the program was initially designed as a prototype to help children recover from traumatic experiences. Love and Kindness, is the foundation of the S.A.M.M, Educational Program.

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General Pojects


The Tiffany Project currently has projects in Hawaii, Boston, and Seattle, We will launch our first international program in Israel February 2019. Come share, learn or create a project near you!

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