The Beacon Project/Direct Outreach Programs

Johnny Boy, in the center receiving a new, warm jacket, from our president, Sam Bevans(lright).

Direct Outreach is a Cornerstone of The Tiffany Project

Realizing that their are many in our global community that are living a substandard quality of life, ranging from homelessness, to not enough to eat or clean drinking water, The Tiffany Project targets local communities and by collaborating with our donors and other nonprofits, we  aspire to give underserved communities/populations a sense of dignity by providing them with basic human needs motivated by compassion. 

The Tiffany Project has done direct outreach and distribution of needed items in Boston,  Hawai'i and Seattle.

In Spring of 2019, this outreach will also extend to Israel where a intercultural program between Israeli and Palestinians will be implemented.

We believe that by going into areas and directly fulfilling basic human needs, warm clothing, food, and  love, that involve the community, major impacts are made.


This is only possible with the support of our donors and volunteers

Our donations are directly distributed throughout the underserved communities, in programs that are beneficial to the population! 

Our donors have donated new clothing,  for our direct street distribution to the homeless in areas like Harvard Square and Seattle, This year (2019) art supplies donated by several generous donors, made for a fun filled event at the Mary Eliza Mahoney Home for Homelses childeren and there families(Dimock Center in Boston). 

Our partnership with our donors and volunteers keeps our programs growing and benefitting those in need.

Every community has a need. This is a great opportunity to get out in your neighborhood and make a difference!


Spreading the Love creates Joy!

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling or acknowledgment from another being when you have helped lessen their suffering.

Living on this planet together can often times be a challenge. Using love and compassion as a Universal language, The Tiffany Project's goal is to continually do things that will benefit the Planet and it's inhabitants.