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The Beacon Project/Direct Outreach Projects


The Tiffany Project strives to offer as many Direct Outreach Projects as we can. We believe that these projects create great opportunities for all members of the community to put their differences or social classes behind and come together.

The Beacon Project is our flagship direct outreach program for those living on the streets. The goal of the Beacon Project is to connect members of the general public with those affected by homelessness. This gives people the opportunity to see that we are ALL one community regardless of our circumstances. With the help of our generous donors we are able to provide winter hats, jackets, gloves, and much more to those in need in both Boston MA and Seattle WA.

The Tiffany Project Israel


Officially offering organic farming classes in the Arava Desert. The TIffany Project will be using research in the field of Microbial Farming  to revive parts of the desert. These practices allow us to accelerate the reproduction rate of indigenous  microbes which creates fertile land even in harsh climates.

We will also be offering childrens programs to involve all aspects of the community as well as prepare future generations.

Soon we will begin offering programs that

bring Israeli and Arab children together under the common grounds of food, music, knowledge, and having fun!

  By turning our farms into classrooms, The Tiffany Project creates a hands on educational environment for all!

The Dimock Center Partnership


When The Tiffany Project became a 501(c)(3) in September 2015, we wanted to do something to help fulfill Tiffany's dream to prevent Human Trafficking. We did research and found out that children and the homeless are the most vulnerable community affected by this rapidly growing global crime. 

We contacted The Dimock, because they run a successful transitional shelter for homeless children and their single parents(many, who have been trafficked themselves). We were warmly welcomed and formed a partnership where we go in and lead events to empower these precious ones. With help from our amazing volunteers and donors, The Tiffany Project is able to bring holiday cheer and hope to those in need!

Using the S.A.M.M. Program, which incorporates Science, Art, Music ,and Mindfulness, the children and their families experience new concepts in a fun and engaging way, that stimulates their bodies and minds.  Whether it is through an art project that depicts a vision for their future while, eating yummy organic, vegan snacks, to doing yoga and breathing everyone leaves with a smile on their face!

spreading peace through love

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