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The Tiffany Project Organic Farm Co-Op

By gathering organic farmers and backyard gardeners we create The Tiffany Project Farm Co-Op. Our mission is to connect the community by feeding as many people as possible here on Hawaii Island. We will begin by feeding the homeless community, although as the co-op grows we will feed the whole community.

About The Co-Op...How To Join:  All it takes to join is a simple commitment! Regardless of the commitment level you choose, there is a simple written agreement stating that you will donate 10% of your harvest to the co-op as well as allow us to share plants and clippings with other members of the co-op.  Additional Commitment Levels: 

Educational: The Educational Commitment requests the general commitment. We also request that we are able to hold classes and workshops on your farm.  

Food Forest: The Food Forest Commitment requests the general commitment. We also request that your farm be converted into a food forest. By using layered farming practices we will create a sustainable, low maintenance  edible forest.


The majority of the development and maintenance will be done by the property owner. The Tiffany Project will provide a plethora of useful farming tips and techniques to assist you along the way. As the Co-Op grows all members will have the opportunity to connect and share plants, seeds, etc. For those who choose the Food Forest Commitment, we will offer “Tiffany Project Work Parties” to help with major projects.

Educational Classes & Workshops 

On many of the farms that join our co-op we will offer educational classes and workshops. Many of the classes will be S.A.M. M based programs geared for the keiki (children), Although we will also offer many educational programs for adults. These programs include though are not limited to, Kuleana Natural Farming, sustainable horticulture, organic farming and its benefits, how to prepare food from the garden to the table, and much more. ALL OF OUR WORKSHOPS ARE 100% FREE!

 The Tiffany Project Organic Farm Co-Op gives us all an opportunity to feed our community, connect with our neighbors, develop new agricultural  skills, and of course, enjoy the delicious fresh food straight out of our gardens! Email Sam at to sign up!