The Educational Wing

The S.A.M.M Educational Program

S.A.M.M. Educational Program (Science - Art -Music.-Mindfulness)

The S.A.M.M. Educational Program implements empirically proven methods and modalities from Ancient and Modern cultures to create a fun, engaging, and educational experience for all. Developed by Harvard graduate Elisa Jacobs, the program was initially designed as a prototype to help children recover from traumatic experiences. The program has been upgraded and is now applicable to diverse Global situations.  Using the basic concept that we are all individuals, yet we all respond to Love and Kindness, is the foundation of the S.A.M. M. Educational Program. 

SCIENCE: Exposes the beauty of the creation around us by exploring the empirical correlations between the physical and spiritual worlds. Botany, math, biology,  chemistry and physics are a few of the sciences we tap into.

ART: Ranging from painting on canvas, to jewelry making, each child is given a fun and creative way to express themselves.
MUSIC: Varieties of music are used that have been proven to elevate and stimulate neurocognitive functioning.
MINDFULNESS: Using movement, breathing, acts of kindness, and various other modalities, a state of compassion and love for life is instilled.