The tiffany project & UMoja East africa fund part


Establishing a Long Term Partnership to Restore the Land in Kenya

The Tiffany Project and Umoja East Africa Fund are joining forces in Kenya to provide ongoing regenerative agriculture classes as well as hands on educational programs for children. Our goal is to provide the tools needed to empower the farmers to grow healthy, organic food, without harming their land, while simultaneously educating future generations.


Spreading Peace Through Love to Create a Hunger Free World

Both Organizations (TTP & Umoja EAF) are committed to not only spreading education, we also have a strong passion to build community while growing food sustainably.  We will be bringing communities together in Muranga and Kiambu Counties for intensive regenerative agriculture training, food and seed sharing, as well as fun, educational programs for children. 


Education At Its Finest

The S.A.M.M. Educational program will work with two schools in Muranga and Kiambu Counties incorporating into Umoja EAF's existing Competence Based Curriculum. The two programs working together, will help children develop a greater connection for protecting their environment, and where their food comes from.

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