In Loving Memory


Tiffany Elisa Bevans

 November 9th 1987 - January 28th 2013

“There are some who bring a light so great into the world, that even 

after they are gone, the light remains.” 

-Author unknown

Genesis of The Tiffany Project

A Personal Note

Losing a child is an incredible, emotional journey, for a parent, and one that I would never have chosen. I am sure Sam,

having lost his sister, and closest friend, would agree. It is a journey filled with a plethora of emotions, each one a potential

tidal wave that can take you to the depths of sorrow or to the heights of joy. Life becomes a cognitive choice of which

emotion to embrace.To make “suffering optional”, one must decide to yield ones spirit to the remembrance of the joyful and

loving moments shared with that person. The memory of having that person in your life is something you never, ever forget,

it is something that can never be taken from you. As deep as the pain is at times, so is the healing balm that the joyful and

loving remembrances bring. The wonderful times, the funny stories, and the adventures, that you shared, remain, reminding

you that the love and light that the person is in your life, is eternal. By creating The Tiffany Project we have been given the

opportunity to take what looked like a tragedy and turn it into something that we hope will make a positive and distinctive

difference in our world. Projects that we believe exemplify who Tiffany was, a generous, caring and superlative young

woman, will always be our focus. In honor of one of the brightest lights and most loving people Sam and I have ever known